BaiMed Bubs

Helping new parents navigate the first 12 months of their baby's development.


What is BaiMed Bubs?

BaiMed Bubs is a 12-class program which is periodically delivered over the first year of your baby’s life. Each class aims to give parents tips and tricks to help their babies achieve their developmental milestones. The class and related resources will give the children the opportunity to grow and thrive, whilst having fun. The classes will also provide parents with a supportive environment in which they can meet and connect with other parents who have babies of similar age. 

BaiMed Bubs classes will be combined with an online resource base of videos, pictures and thorough explanations of the activities we go through in class. As parents, we know that some babies might sleep through the class, cry through the class or parents might be so sleep deprived that they don’t even know what day it is. So, all material can be revisited at a later, more suitable time - this is handy if only one parent can make the classes too.

We will also be developing, and continuing to add to, a resource library. This will be filled with as much helpful, easy to digest and easy to access information based on the most up to date research. This is to ensure all the information that parents are accessing, in regards to your baby’s development, is relevant and correct. 

The aim of BaiMed Bubs is not to have babies hitting their milestones early, or to be the most advanced baby at mothers’ group, but to provide parents with tools so that their babies can play, grow and develop in a fun, stress free environment. 

We will provide realistic expectations and timeframes, however as it is run by paediatric health professionals, parents can be reassured that if their baby needs a little extra help there is a referral base in place. 

Meet your Instructor

A new Mum herself, Jenna saw a gap in the information new parents were given. She found there was lots of help for Mums during and after their pregnancy, but not as much for new parents about how to play with their babies, when they should be reaching their milestones, when to worry and when to relax. So she came up with BaiMed Bubs as a way to help new parents navigate through the first 12months. 

Jenna has always had an interest in paediatric physiotherapy, and has worked in the paediatric realm in one form or another throughout her time as a physiotherapist. She loves reassuring families and providing them with different tips and games to help them reduce the stress of the first 12 months.


In-Person Group Classes

$300 for 12 months

One time payment - or $30 per class

  • 12 in-person group classes (monthly) for the first year of your baby's life.

  • Designed and delivered by qualified physiotherapists

  • Jump in at any age (within the first year)

  • Providing parents handy tips and tools to help their children on their developmental journey

  • A supportive and fun environment for new parents

  • Realistic expectations and timeframes for achieving these goals

  • Reassurance that if your baby needs a little extra help, there is a referral system in place with access to leading specialised Paediatric Physiotherapists.

  • Access to the Online Resources (if purchased in full)


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Online Resource Package


One time payment

This option is for families that aren't able to attend the classes. 

This will include access to videos, pictures and explanations of all of the activities we go through in each of the 12 classes as well as access to the resource library. 

The library is filled with helpful, easy to digest and accessible information based on the most up to date evidence & research.

  • Monthly classes for each stage of your child's development
  • Downloadable content
  • Unlimited Access for 18 months
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