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Welcome to BaiMed Online

BaiMed Online takes the best of what we have to offer in-clinic and makes it available online.

 Our easy-to-follow video tutorials and programs have been developed by our talented team of health professionals and experts and are now available exclusively here at BaiMed online.

 These courses have been designed to be both stand-alone and used in conjunction with your current BaiMed treatment plan. If you wish to start a new treatment plan either in person or via telehealth, please visit to get started.

If you have any questions regarding aspects of the programs, please leave them in the contact from at the bottom of the course overview page PRIOR to purchasing the course.


BaiMed Bubs

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Train With Volko

At-home training with UFC Featherweight World Champion Alexander "The Great" Volkanovski.

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BaiMed Bumps

Your complete online guide to a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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About BaiMed

BaiMed is a premier Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic who provide exceptional patient-focused care in a friendly, professional environment. Our in-clinic treatment offerings include; physiotherapy, kids physio, dietetics, bumps, massage, osteo, podiatry & dance.

BaiMed also boasts a purpose-built athletic performance centre which is dedicated helping athletes set and achieve their performance goals.

This truly unique offering, the BaiMed Performance Centre allows athletes of all levels access to the same technology and methodology used by current world champions and professional sports teams.

To learn more about BaiMed please visit


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